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Monday, 7 July 2008

It's Monday morning

So good morning, here we are in another week. What are you up to this week? I'm home today with the smalls. The Girl Wonder would usually be at school, but she has a tummy ache and a bit of a rash (probably heat). She had a temperature yesterday so we decided she should stay home today. I have to be Mrs Mummy and play home school because she absolutely loves going to school and is not impressed with a day off! Herbert Buggles is a bit quiet too and, unusually for him, has only eaten half a breakfast instead of his usual three. We had a busy weekend with the carnival, so I think a quiet day at home will do us all good.

Changing the subject entirely, I can't decide if Christmas in July on Etsy is worth the work or not. I managed to get these teenytiny bags made and listed. I'll have to see what else I can do - at least I'll be more prepared for Christmas itself!

Have a good week! oldbag x

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Ivy Plum said...

Beautiful bags! I love your fabric choices and simple (good) design. :)