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Sunday, 13 July 2008

A busy day

I spent most of Saturday making party bags (gorgeous girly ones in pretty florals). I made some of my mini gift bags too and then I packed some orders ready for Monday's post. I think that's one of my favourite bits - I like wrapping in tissue paper, adding thank you notes and little doodads. Even if what you buy isn't for you, it's still nice to get prettily presented parcels in the post.

Bee won my gift bag giveaway (see comments under the giveaway post) and I packed her prize up ready to post too. Hope she likes it!

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Victoria Ann said...

They are beautiful party bags:) I love the top photograph.
My daughter is having a disco for her birthday( yep, I know I am mad!)Have you any ideas as to party bags for the boys, age 11 year olds?