Pull up a chair. Not that one! It's still damp from the drink that got tipped all over it. That's it, get comfy and we can get started on our chat. I'll just put the kettle on...

Thursday, 25 June 2009

A little family time

My mum and I took the children to Wells, Norfolk for a mini holiday. Much needed mummy time for the older two - they love their new sister but I think the demands a baby can make are beginning to hit them. So, we've been climbing, jumping, swinging and shouting in the woods and we also had a little craft and puzzle session. Baby has been marvellously cooperative, smiling for everyone and happily sleeping away the evening in her moses basket (leaving mum and nan free to yawn their way through a couple of games of Scrabble!).

Monday, 22 June 2009

Saturday, 6 June 2009


I am soooooo ticked off! I have sold a few of my maternity clothes on eBay, just the barely worn ones in good condition. I have a no questions asked refund policy. And yet I have negative feedback from a buyer who didn't contact me to say 'I don't like my top, give me my money back'. It makes me so angry. I was just beginning to make new party bags to sell on eBay and I really value my reputation as an honest seller. Grrrrrrr!


At 7.30 this morning, I was cuddled up in bed with baby snuggling on one arm, my boy laying on top of me and my eldest girl hugging me on one side and her dad on the other. We watched the wind ruffling the leaves in the tree outside the window and talked about our plans for the day. Absolutely the best start to a Saturday morning.

We live in a large cul de sac with a park in the middle (how lucky are we?!) so we played in the park this afternoon.

We played football, jumped through the hoola hoop and pretended to be monsters (tickle monsters, obviously).

Friday, 5 June 2009

Not so funny faces

He might be smiling here, but this young man threw the mother of all tantrums this morning.

It started because we had run out of brown (bran) flakes. That was at a quarter to seven. He finally ran out of steam at half past nine. We had tried ignoring it, cuddling him (how do you cuddle a bundle of kicks?), talking calmly, saying 'that's enough', leaving him on his own... I had to eat a big chunk of chocolate by the time it was all over!
We eventually made it to toddler group for a messy play session and after he'd painted quietly for a bit, he came over and we had a proper hug together, then he sat on my lap and ate his sandwiches. I love my boy, but some days are tough.

Thursday, 4 June 2009

Beach babes and funny faces

My little lovey usually won't sleep unless she's cuddled up to someone, preferably mummy (although we did fool her by wrapping her in a sheet that smelt of me, but I digress) but here she is on the beach, snoozing away. Worn out from all that sea air.

And here's my best boy, in the middle of a funny face session. This was his interpretation of cross.

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Five go to the seaside!

We're back from our lovely holiday in Wells, Norfolk. We had a couple of lovely days on the beach (we splurged on a gorgeous beach hut so we could have cuppas and sausage sandwiches whenever we liked!).

The beach is amazing, with sand dunes and the lovely pinewoods all around the edge. And lots of waves to jump.

You just have to watch out for strange creatures living in sand holes...