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Thursday, 26 June 2008

I finished it!

And aren't I proud of myself? My mum does most of the knitting for LovelyGranny, but I have to get my sticky little fingers into everything crafty and couldn't just sit by and let her have all the knitting fun, so I decided to make a little bolero myself. I should state for the record that I can knit and follow patterns etc, but I am inexperienced. So I picked some cotton and linen mix yarn that looked absolutely gorgeous (should have realised when mum kept quiet in the face of my enthusiasm that something was up). It's been an absolute s*d to knit! It's textured and, for me at least, very difficult to work with. But I've done it! I covered the buttons myself, too and only broke one needle (yes really!) sewing it together. Very pleased with myself, but must confess that my current knitting project is a straightforward double knit shrug in smooth acrylic for The Girl Wonder.

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kalicat said...

It's very pretty. Well done you.
Love the nam eof your blog :)
I have no time to knit anymore so I have been knitting jewels instead of sweaters.
Wishing you lots of sales