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Monday, 20 October 2008

Herbert Buggles aka Mr Bump

My poor little Herbert! He fell off the back of a ride on toddler toy, straight on to the garden path - ouch! I had no idea that head wounds bleed so much (even little ones like his 1cm cut), but both he and I looked like we'd spent the day in a slaughter house by the time he'd been cleaned up and glued back together. A parental rite of passage, I'm told, but I could have done without it. Herbert, however, is very proud of his bumped head and tells everyone he can about it. The most important part of the story is how the hospital has a fire engine (toy) and a machine that gives you Maltesers.

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Victoria Ann said...

So glad you are back blogging, hope everything is going well.

So sorry for Mr. Herbert Buggles, hope he is on the mend, strangely I had to take my little man to A & E this week ! He sisters were more concerned that he was going to get a day off school. Alas, being the wicked mother I am- I sent him to school, where he also received a lot of sympathy, but still had to do his writing( He had hurt his non writing hand )

Glad you are back

Vic x