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Thursday, 12 March 2009

Pregnant pause

How long since I last blogged?????! Disgraceful, my only excuse is a not so straightforward pregnancy. Baby is fine but has blighted me with everything from extreme sickness (at 8 months I'm still taking anti-vomit pills) to excessive amniotic fluid (makes you look even huger!). I can't wait to have it so that I can drink tea again and put my socks on without the help of my little girl.

As I just seem to be waiting now (waiting and knitting - this child will struggle to wear the enormous number of cardigans piled up for it), I am going to try very hard to blog a bit more. The sewing machine is too uncomfortable to sit out, so I'm starting my maternity leave. I shall eat up some of my time reading all those other great crafty blogs out there, so get blogging - entertain me in limbo state!

Vicky x


Daisie said...

Oh, it is the worst bit and you do have my sympathies but it'll soon be over and will be sooooo worth it!
Thinking of you and your extra litres!
Hugs xxx

Buffy said...

Hi Vicky,

Thanks for popping by :)
So glad you liked the necklace too, thanks x x

Ah you are suffering with this pregnancy! my heart goes out to you, with mine I didn't get physically sick until 5 months too 0_o thats not what it says in the books!

I look forward to hearing / seeing the new arrival good luck!

Hey yeah I will offer any advice anytime you want ;) just don't expect it to be much good! lol

They're great kids, all so different! hard to imagine thats possible with 5 but really they are!

I best go before my broodiness builds up anymore! ^_^

~Buffy x x