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Friday, 14 November 2008

Pregnant hair

Nineteen weeks pregnant now, the bump is rounding out nicely and baby somersaults when supplied with chocolate. My hair, however, what can I say? I am having a bad hair week. According to my husband this has happened twice before (I have two children) at approximately the same gestational point... he firmly believes that, when pregnant, I experience a period of hair insanity. During this period, I spend untold £££££s on hair magazines, drool in hairdressers' windows and moan about my own cursed locks. He wants me to promise not to cut it. He says I will regret it, probably immediately afterwards. He's probably right but oh, the temptation.

Perhaps I should just splurge on some hair stuff? Sorry, gotta go now. Folksy and Etsy are calling me!

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Daisie said...

My hair fell out, alot, when I was pregnant, very distressing! I sympathise on the appearance thing when bumpy but on the bright side we are entering winter and maybe you should opt for a really cool new hat? Just a thought...?